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Pleomorphic adenoma with squamous and appendageal metaplasia mimicking mucoepidermoid carcinoma on cytology
Batrani Meenakshi, Kaushal Manju, Sen A K, Yadav Rajbala, Chaturvedi N K
CytoJournal 6:5 (12 February 2009)
Collection of the BD SurePath Pap Test with a broom device plus endocervical brush improves disease detection when compared to the broom device alone or the spatula plus endocervical brush combination
Davis-Devine Sharon, Day Sarah J, Anderson Amy, French Ashley, Madison-Henness Darcy, Mohar Naomi, Tansy Danielle, Hiremath Adarsh, Douglas Jeffrey A, Freund Gregory G
CytoJournal 2009, 6:4 (12 February 2009)
Hemosiderin laden macrophages and hemosiderin within follicular cells distinguish benign follicular lesions from follicular neoplasms
Jaffar Reema, Mohanty Sambit K, Khan Ashraf, Fischer Andrew H
CytoJournal 2009, 6:3 (20 January 2009)
Comparison of the efficacy of the cervex brush and the extended-tip wooden spatula with conventional cytology: A longitudinal study
Whitaker Caroline J, Stamp Elaine C, Young William, Greenwood Lesley A
CytoJournal 2009, 6:2 (20 January 2009)
FNA of misclassified primary malignant neoplasms of the thyroid: Impact on clinical management
Shah Sejal S, Faquin William C, Izquierdo Roberto, Khurana Kamal K
CytoJournal 2009, 6:1 (20 January 2009)
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